It all started because of the pandemic.

   A seven year old boy named Henry Wu could often get bored staying at his home all day. One morning, his brother, Thomas, said that Henry should make a comic. He did. It was called Noodle Man. The comic was about a superhero of noodles and he fights a monster. Henry went on making other comics such as Lunch Man, Shanghai and the mad chef, and Cheese Man. 

   But these comics weren't exactly successful; they ended in cliffhangers without sequels, they were too sudden, and made no sense. Then, it hit him.  

   Henry decided to create a superhero, but not just any ordinary one: this one would have a magical beard.  The beard in his book would be able to shape shift into anything, even invisible! And thus, Beard Boy was created. Billy was an ordinary boy. His school was going on a "feild" trip to the hairball factory. But Billy got bored of hairballs. He decided to escape. But since he didn't know the factory well, he got lost in it. He ended up in a room marked Secret beard formula room KEEP OUT! Billy was bad at reading. In the room, he found lots of bottles labeled Beard Juice and since Billy was again bad at reading, he mistook it for Soda and drank it. Poof! A beard popped out of Billy's chin. Billy mistook it for puberty. That was until he looked at the bottle: Beard Juice. contains Z.L.2. a chemical that makes you grow 20,000 hairs Then he looked at the back: If you get a beard from this because your beard's a shapeshifter you can shape shift it. So billy would now be known as Beard Boy. Beard Boy fought for justice in books 2-5. Henry is now making another Beard Boy series.

Henry Wu, 7 years old