Beard Boy Books!

Beard Boy

is the beard faced-hero that ceases sludgie's plan and is the alter ego of Billy. He gained a powerful beard after wondering off into a secret room in the hairball factory. In the room he watched a machine make "soda". Billy had a soda addiction, and so, he drank it. POOF! A beard appeared on his face out of nowhere! After reading the back of the soda, he learned it was Beard Juice, a concoction that lets you earn a shapeshifting Beard.


used to be Scientist Trashy's cat, Stinky. Trashy offered Stinky to eat his latest creation, Mt. Garbagemore, a mountain he created from eating many  pickles.  Alas, when stinky was about to eat it, some aliens started merging to it! But Stinky didn't mind and started to eat it. When he ate the whole thing in one bite , he started feeling weird. A few seconds later, he began shifting into the invincible Sludgie! He can make other sludge cells and can disappear.

Sludge Cells

are Sludgie's minions. They are on Sludgie's  side. There are many varieties of them like;   Bat sludge cell,  shrunk sludge cell,  boxing sludge cell, you name it!

Trash Martians

are King Trash Martian's family and army. They come in all shapes and sizes. Sludgie also is the king's family. Together, they fight their nemesis, Beard Boy.

Beard Cell

are Beard Boy's comrades. They are very useful to him; they helped him stop Sludgie. There  many types of Beard Cells such as the  Buff Beard Cell.

Professor Cupcake

met Beard Boy while he was hiding from the Sludge Cells. Beard Boy explained everything about him and his enemies. Later on, the professor taught the hero multiple tricks to defeat his nemesis. Because of Professor Cupcake, he and his Beard Cells were able to defeat them.


Goatee Guardian